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Check out our extensive hot tub collection to find the best spa to fit your needs. Each spa provides impeccable Hydrotherapy massaging to target specific muscle groups and is designed for your comfort, so you enjoy the unparalleled benefits with each use.


A swim spa is a hot tub, aquatic gym and swimming pool all in one! Enjoy all the same benefits of a full-size swimming pool in a fraction of the size and space. Additionally, you will still get the benefits and relaxation of a year-round massage with all the health benefits of a traditional hot tub. It meets the needs of fitness enthusiasts and it's full family fun all year long!


Covers manufactured using the finest materials designed to withstand the harshest elements. All components of our strong spa covers are repairable and replaceable, which allows your cover to be long-lasting and outperform traditional foam covers in every category. Each cover is functional and easy to use and insulated waterproof foam, making it impermeable to water weight gain eliminating sagging and water puddling making it sanitary and clean and will prevents the development of mold or odor.


Hot Tub Hawaii is driven by customer satisfaction. We provide only top of the line manufacturers committed to long lasting quality and a variety of options to provide you with a unique hydrotherapy experience to fit your needs. Each spa is specifically designed to enhance the lifestyle and health of every customer and custom made to your specifications ensuring an aesthetically pleasing design that that bring elegance, style and sophistication to any outdoor setting. Hot Tub Hawaii representatives are committed to providing outstanding customer service to guarantee you are satisfied with your product and obtain knowledge about the benefits of your new hot tub or swim spa. Our YouTube page is easily accessible for tips, tricks, and demonstrations for our customers to find the answers to frequently asked questions and guide you through a few simple steps.



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"In the 20 years living on Maui Agean is the first company that has ever delivered a product ahead of schedule! You are the best!"



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