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At a 35” depth, the Impulse DP™ Classic is the big brother to the Impulse™ Classic. The added footwell jet provides a powerful foot massage to decrease stress and improve circulation. Not to be outdone, the Impulse DP™ is also convertible for 110/220V and the Nordic Star™ jets provide exceptional hot water therapy. The barrier-free bench seat allows freedom of seating choice and the step-in/cool-down seat provides a secondary seating option. Don’t resist the impulse to take home an Impulse DP™ today.

Impulse DP

  • Dimensions 

    78.5" (199cm)

    Depth 35" (89cm)
    Capacity 5 person
    Water Capacity

    280 gal (1060L)

    Dry Weight   280 lbs (127 kg)
    Total Jets  15
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