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Our fitness spa is designed to help you with active recovery and staying in shape so your body can feel its best no matter what. With easy-to-use exercise equipment, it's no hassle to take the time you need to get in a good workout followed by incredible relaxation in one of this spa's many seat options.


Customize your Mystique hot tub with your preferred options to create the perfect space for exercise, recovery and relaxation in your own backyard.

Mystique 700 Series

  • Dimensions

    90" x 114" | 229cm x 290cm

    Depth  38” | 97cm
    Capacity 6 to 7 people
    Water Capacity 517 gal | 1,957.06 L
    Weight (Empty Full)

    1,229 lb | 557.47 kg

    Total Jets  57


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