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Create a luxurious oasis in your backyard with the Retreat MS™, our Best Selling hot tub model! This is an amazing hot tub in a compact footprint! With two deep therapy bucket seats and a bench seat, the Retreat MS™ offers room for entertaining or just simple sanctuary from the stress of the day. The Nordic Star™ jets deliver a powerful massage to specific muscles taking you from tense to tranquil within minutes of entering the water. Retreat to your own backyard paradise with the Retreat MS™!

Retreat MS

  • Dimensions 

    80" x 70" | 203cm x 178cm

    Depth 34" | 86cm
    Capacity 5 person
    Water Capacity

    250 gal | 946L

    Dry Weight   395 lbs | 179 kg
    Total Jets  28
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