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Introducing the TT 250, the ultimate in relaxation and wellness for your home. With 19 powerful jets, you'll experience the ultimate in hydrotherapy, easing away tension and stress. Not only does the TT 250 provide top-notch relaxation, but it's also environmentally friendly, constructed from recycled materials and manufactured using eco-friendly processes. Plus, it's plug-in ready - simply set it up, fill it with water, and get ready to unwind in your new hot tub. Experience the pinnacle of relaxation and eco-conscious living with the TT 250.

TT 250

  • Dimensions 

    77" x  60" | 195.6cm X 175.26cm

    Depth 30" | 72.6cm
    Capacity 2-4  person
    Water Capacity

    250 gal | 946.35 L

    Dry Weight   425 lbs | 192.7cm
    Total Jets  27
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