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The TT450 hot tub is the perfect size for a large group of up to 7 people, making it the ultimate choice for gatherings with friends and family. This luxurious hot tub provides the perfect space for relaxation and wellness, with its 22 jets strategically placed to provide the ultimate hydrotherapy experience. Not only is it designed for ultimate comfort, but it's also environmentally friendly, as it's manufactured with recycled materials and is plug-in ready for energy efficiency. Enjoy the benefits of a true spa experience while also knowing you're choosing a sustainable option for your home. With its spacious design and eco-friendly manufacturing, the TT450 hot tub is the perfect combination of comfort and conscientiousness.


  • Dimensions 

    77" x  77" | 195.6 cm X 195.6cm

    Depth 35" | 88.9
    Capacity 4-7  person
    Water Capacity

    350 gal | 1325 L

    Dry Weight   560 lbs | 254kg
    Total Jets  31


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